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EverMaya Eco-Luxe Handbag Collection

Each designer handbag by EverMaya begins life with repurposed Huipil fabric. Huipil is an expression of handweaving as an art form, requiring skills that have been passed down through centuries of Mayan culture. A female artisan will devote 1-6 months creating a Huipil dress, with every thread and color strand hand-selected by the artist. The tones and patterns are representative of the artists' home region within the Guatemalan highlands.

Just as no two fingeprints are the same, no two Huipils are the same. everMaya repurposes the Huipil, blending Mayan tradition with modern design and style. To own a handbag made with Huipil is to own a piece of art! Start building your collection today!



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