4 Top Tips: How To Make Your Forehead Appear Smaller Or Larger

Having a large forehead can be an insecurity for many people. This is because society places value on those with perfect-looking foreheads.

Fortunately, if you have not been gifted naturally with a small forehead, there are several techniques that can be utilized to augment the appearance of your forehead. We have listed 4 of them here. 

4 Top Tips How To Make Your Forehead Appear Smaller Or Larger

Grow Bangs 

Bangs, also known as a fringe, are a great way to conceal your forehead. Not only will they cover your forehead but they also look super stylish.

You should also get face-framing bangs since they can make your face look perfectly symmetrical and can bring out your natural beauty.

The thickness and size of your bangs should depend on the shape of your face. Bangs can also be used by those who are insecure about their foreheads being too small since they will likewise cover this space. 

Wear Accessories

Accessories can add personality, character, and dimension to your look. If you are seeking to lessen the size of your forehead, you can try wearing a bandana. Bandanas will cover your forehead and distract people from looking at it.

This will look great if you are going for a country or cowgirl-inspired look. Hats and caps can also be used for a similar effect. Thick jewelry will also take away from your forehead. For those who desire a larger forehead, avoid these accessories. 

Use Foundation

If you use foundation, avoid using it around your hairline. Foundation is a useful tool that makes your skin look more shiny and even in color. However, you should avoid it in this instance.

Not using foundation around the hairline will make the area look darker, thus creating the impression of a shadow around your hairline. If you insist on using foundation by your hairline, it should be of a darker shade to the rest of your face.

This will also make it look as though you have a natural shadow here. If you are looking to make your forehead bigger, use foundation up to your hairline. 

Change Your Eyebrows 

Thicker or higher eyebrows will create the illusion that your forehead is less substantial than it is. Even by drawing them only slightly higher than you normally would, you can really alter the appearance of your forehead.

You can also try out more radical makeup around your eyes to divert attention from your forehead. 

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