What To Wear To A Brewery

In general, casual attire is fine for most breweries, so don’t run out to the store if all you have to wear is your regular casual clothes. Jeans are a great option for any time of year, and you won’t have to worry about the fabric if you spill anything during your brewery date or beer tasting. But ultimately, the perfect outfit for a night out with friends or a first date will depend on your personal style.

You can get some outfit ideas by looking online or simply trying on what you already have in your closet. You might want to dress slightly nicer if you know you’ll be taking pictures or meeting someone on a first date, but breweries tend to be highly informal and open to almost anything.

When in doubt, you can also ask a friend who’s been to that brewery in the past or check the brewery’s website to see if there are any pictures. That can help you decide whether you’re headed in the right direction while choosing what to wear.

What To Wear To A Brewery Date

The best outfits for a date to a brewery will depend on how well you know the other person. If you’re getting a drink with your long-term partner, then it’s a lot easier to figure out what to wear. But even for a first date, you should opt for casual clothing that’s comfortable and stylish.

Brewery Date


For women, you can wear jeans and a designer t-shirt to put a fancy spin on your outfit, or you can opt for a cozy tee or cute blouse instead. 

For men, you can’t go wrong with a pair of nice pants, a button-down shirt, or fitted jeans. This will help you blend in on your brewery date without looking like you don’t take date night seriously.

In fact, a date at a brewery can be a fantastic way to help your partner or new crush feel comfortable. They won’t have to think about blending in at a fancy restaurant, and they’ll feel free to dress how they want since no one at the brewery is likely to notice ordinary casual clothing.

What To Wear To A Brewery In The Summer

In the summer, there’s nothing wrong with making jeans or shorts a staple of your wardrobe. Women can pair jeans or shorts with a cute blouse or cotton t-shirt. Men can’t go wrong with a polo shirt or T-shirt.

Brewery In The Summer


Women may also have a favorite summer dress that works perfectly in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The only potential concern with wearing a dress is that many breweries have benches or high-top seating that can be uncomfortable in a dress. 

Rompers or maxi dresses can be a compromise that keeps you cool without the associated seating challenges of shorter dresses.

You can accessorize your outfits with matching sunglasses and shoes, but don’t forget to consider the layout of the brewery. Some breweries will have outdoor seating areas with uneven terrain. Women often prefer a pair of sturdy sandals, while men tend to prefer sneakers, boat shoes, or another casual summer style.

You may also want to bring a ballcap or sun hat if you’re worried about sun exposure. Not all outdoor seating areas have umbrellas, and a hat can easily keep you shaded and cool while you enjoy a refreshing beer outside.

What To Wear To A Brewery In Colder Weather

In cold weather, you can’t go wrong with a warm sweater and a scarf. This is a cute style for any gender during the fall or winter. If it’s not terribly cold out yet, you may be able to wear a light jacket instead. Much of this will vary based on your climate.

Brewery In Colder Weather

Boots are popular in the cooler months, but make sure they aren’t dirty before you head inside. Many patio areas and outdoor seating spots have dirt or gravel that you can accidentally track inside, which isn’t exactly the best impression if you’re on a date to a brewery. For women, leggings with an oversized sweater or a knit dress are great outfit ideas to make your snow boots look a bit more trendy. 

You may also want to wear layers when you head out to your favorite brewery. Once you’re drinking and moving around, you may realize that your cozy sweater, winter coat, and thick pants are a little too warm. If you wear a light jacket with a sweater or layer your clothes, you can always adjust what you’re wearing if you start to get too hot or cold.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are so many options for what you can wear to a brewery. Jeans and a nice shirt are a solid option, but you can also dress those jeans up a bit by wearing a button-down shirt, polo, or cute blouse. For bags, it’s most convenient to wear a hands free style to ensure that you can grab more beer from the bar or a plate of food.

No matter what, casual attire is fine, so don’t panic about wearing the wrong thing. Just wear what feels comfortable and suits your style. If you’re only stopping into a brewery as part of a full day out, you should also consider where you’re going next and plan an outfit that works for the whole day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What’s The Best Purse For A Brewery?

If you’re heading out for a beer with friends or a date to a brewery, a crossbody bag or backpack purse can be a great alternative to a traditional handbag. This style of bag keeps your hands free, which is important if you’re going back and forth to refill your beer or grab a meal from food trucks. Plus, if you’re moving around, you can wear a crossbody bag without having to keep an eye on it. This gives you a lot more flexibility to move from space to space if seating is more flexible.

What Should I Wear On A Brewery Tour?

Going on a brewery tour is a bit different than just coming in for a brewery date or a beer tasting. You may be walking through more industrial areas on a brewery tour, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes with closed toes. Otherwise, just pay attention to your guide and listen to any instructions about what you are or aren’t allowed to wear while you’re on the tour. For example, some tours will not allow you to wear a scarf while you’re around equipment due to safety reasons.

Do Breweries Have Dress Codes?

Since most breweries are casual and don’t have limitations on what you can wear, it would be unusual for a brewery to have its own dress code. However, if you’re concerned that you might not be allowed in or that your outfit will stick out, you can always call ahead to ask the staff for any information about their policies. If you’re planning an important event or a first date, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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