OOTD: The Instagram Caption That You Should Show Some Love

In the world of social media, trends come and go. But, some trends seem to stick around a lot longer than others. The classic OOTD is one of them. This is a phrase that has been coined for all tech savvy social media lovers to use and enjoy.

So, if you are wondering how and when you should use this caption – keep reading! Also, you might just find out what exactly OOTD stands for too… 

OOTD The Instagram Caption That You Should Show Some Love

We tried to keep the suspense up but, there is only so long that this can last. After all, you need to find out what exactly OOTD stands for. This is a popular social media tagline that stands for: Outfit Of The Day. This is a pretty popular caption, especially amongst the social media influencer world.

However, this caption is not just limited to social media influencers – no way! Anyone who loves fashion should feel free to use this caption to their full advantage… Although we do not really recommend captioning every outfit pic with this caption. That would be pretty excessive… 

You should really use the caption when you are trying to show off your outfit to its full potential, and this is great to use as a caption or as a hashtag. If you have pulled together a masterpiece of an outfit, then you deserve to show it off.

Although, we do understand that sometimes captions are really hard to come up with – and one that is pretty on trend is OOTD. It kind of saves you from just throwing down some random emojis as a caption, there is some substance to your social media post or your social media story. 

You should especially consider using this caption if you are trying to boost your social media following, as using such a recognized caption or hashtag will generate more social media traffic to your page and this will mean that you can boost your following.

Alternatively, OOTD is great to use if you are trying to adapt your social media page and make it a lot more fashion focused. On the whole, you really cannot go wrong with a lil #OOTD.

Another great pointer to add is that this caption is by no means a seasonal thing. That’s right, this is not just a caption that is restricted to those summer beach shots, or those mirror pics wearing your favorite faux fur coat. This is a caption that is universal and that will serve you well all year long.

You can apply this caption to any kind of outfit related photo, be it a selfie, or be it a mirror photo, or be it a candid taken of you by a friend.

Any way that you are showcasing your outfit deserves to be labelled with the OOTD caption – because if you rate your outfit highly, then it will definitely deserve the most social media hearts that it can get. 

OOTD does not have to apply to a particular style of outfit either – it can literally be whatever you want.

You could be lounging in your favorite satin pyjamas, or you could be sporting your new gym wear, or you could be wearing your new office outfit, or you could be wearing your favorite brunch sweater, or you could be living it up in your favorite swimsuit on a beach, or could be wearing your favorite party outfit.

OOTD will apply to all of these outfit options – and so many more. This is a totally fun caption that you can use however you want, just use it to suit your personal style and this will definitely keep you and your followers hooked on your social media pages. 

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