What Fruit Does Your Figure Look Like?

Have you ever noticed that some clothes make you look like a million dollars, but others are completely underwhelming? Depending on your body shape, different styles are going to suit you better than others.

You may have heard that the traditional feminine figure looks like an hourglass, but women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Several women find that their figure resembles a fruit, like an apple or a pear!

Fruit Body Shapes

There are five basic body types. Some look like certain fruits, but others mimic well-known shapes. Knowing what your figure looks like can help you make better clothing choices later on. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best, but figuring out what suits you can be a difficult process.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. We’ll get into the basic body shapes in this article. As you read on, don’t feel discouraged if you can’t identify with one of the choices below.

It’s perfectly normal to resemble a mix of two or even three shapes! Keep on reading to find out what shape best resembles your figure.

Five Main Body Types


Pears are one of the most common female body shapes. Like a pear, these women have smaller upper halves and wider bottom halves. Pear-shaped bodies have amazing curves, carrying most of their weight in their bum and hips, while their bust and shoulders stay small and narrow.

You can confirm that you’re a pear shape by measuring your shoulders and hips. Pears always have fuller hips, so this measurement should be a lower number than your shoulders. Your bust will tend to be smaller than your hips too, although the shoulder measurement takes precedence.

They tend to gain weight in their lower halves first, which can include the belly, hips, love handles, and legs. Pears generally have a small waist, unless their torso is short. However, even in this case, their proportions will make it look like they have a defined midsection.

To best emphasize your small waist, feel free to wear fitted tops and blouses. If you prefer to take the attention off of your bottom, wear flowing or larger clothes on your lower half. But, if you love showing off your rear, flared jeans or trousers that hug your bottom will be perfect for you.


Apple figures are thicker in their midsection but have slim and defined limbs. These shapes do include thin women too, though they can be difficult to initially identify. If you carry your weight on your stomach but have amazing legs and slimmer arms, you’re most likely an apple shape.

As you take your measurements, your waist number will be greater than your hips. Apples normally have wider shoulders and a bigger bust, similar to an inverted triangle. The main difference between the two is that apples will have a larger waist.

Apples generally have flatter bottoms, but they also have slim legs. As stated previously, they may have a larger bust, but some apples can have smaller breasts. If an apple gains weight, the first place she’ll notice it is on her tummy. Her legs will stay thinner, along with her lower arms.

If you’re an apple shape, show off your gorgeous legs! Shorter hems were made for you. If you feel comfortable doing so, plunging necklines will highlight your bust and also take attention off of your waist. Go for V necks over round ones, but try to avoid tighter tops, as these can cling to your stomach.


Just like the shape, a rectangle figure is straight up and down. Rectangles typically have flat stomachs with little waist definition. If you take your measurements, your bust and hips won’t be too far apart. Your ribs and waist will also have similar numbers.

Rectangle shapes generally look quite athletic unless they’re very thin. Runway models tend to be tall and slim rectangles, as their figure showcases different designs and clothing cuts well. As your proportions are pretty equal, you can easily find clothes that suit your shape.

When rectangles gain weight, they tend to do so evenly throughout their body. A common complaint is that they lack curves, though some rarer rectangles can have a medium to full bust.

Rectangles look great in styles that pull in their waist. Create the illusion of curves with belts or darker colors around your stomach. Try to avoid baggy or oversized clothes, as these can drown your figure, especially if you’re petite.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle body shapes have a wider top half compared to their bottom half. This is similar to an apple shape, but apples will have a larger waist. Inverted triangles may have a smaller midsection, but their waist won’t be well defined.

As you take your measurements, your shoulders will be the largest number. Your measurements will get smaller as you progress down your figure. This tends to look like a V shape, with your ribs, waist, and hips becoming narrower.

Inverted triangles tend to gain muscle easily. As they also have broad shoulders, they can look very athletic. Their bottom tends to be flat, though bust size varies from woman to woman. When an inverted triangle gains weight, she’ll normally notice it in her midsection or bust first.

Try going for looser trousers or skirts that add volume to your bottom half. Stick to plain colors and thinner fabrics on top, as this will play your bust and shoulders down. Belts are great, as they create the illusion of a waist. The goal is to balance your top half with your lower half.


Lastly, we have the hourglass. Like the figure suggests, these figures will have a fuller top and bottom, with a defined midsection. Hourglasses can be slender or fuller-figured, but they will always be curvy.

They generally have full busts, but they don’t have to be very large. Hourglasses will have a shapely lower half, but they may not be very muscular. They may have thinner arms and lower legs, but these tend to have a soft appearance.

If you’re an hourglass, find styles that show off your slender waist. Avoid boxy clothes and go for fitted shirts or dresses instead. They may struggle to find garments that fit well. Clothes may fit their bust and hips, but remain loose over their waist. In this case, a tailor can help adjust your clothes so that they flatter your figure.

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