Fall Outfits For Wedding Guests: Top Looks For The Best-Dressed Guest

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? A day where you can gather with loved ones and celebrate the love between the happy couple, brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

And let’s not forget the wonderful wedding traditions you get to witness and be a part of! However, there’s one wedding tradition that brings a different kind of tear to the eye.

We’re talking about the wedding photos.

Wedding photos are great to look back on, for the newlyweds at least!

For the rest of us, they involve a lot of standing around waiting for our turn in front of the camera, and quietly discussing amongst ourselves when we get to sit and eat the three-course meal we were promised. 

It feels even worse when you don’t like the outfit you chose to wear.

We get it - your outfit looked great in the store! But when the big day comes you’re left feeling differently, and a little jaded, about your choices.

This can make wedding photos a less-than-fun part of the day for you. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

We might feel differently, however, if we knew we were the best-dressed guest at the wedding. The following list ensures you’ll show up looking totally on-trend and feeling great about yourself.

Not only will you be feeling yourself during the wedding photo process, but you’ll also be able to appreciate how happy the newlyweds look, and how wonderful it is to be there celebrating with them.

Fall Colors

Traditional fall colors are dark and warm in tone. Think burnt orange, forest green, the classic browns and reds of fallen leaves, and so much more. Fall wedding attire has never been an exception - until now.

Fall Outfits For Wedding Guests: Top Looks For The Best-Dressed Guest

In 2021, fall is adopting the traditional colors of summer. Fall wedding attire is bright, bold, and full of fun. Think pinks, soft lavenders, royal blues, or any jewel tones.

This list will be highlighting these colors to ensure you’re up to date with the trends! And if you’re faithful to your neutral, warm, autumnal wardrobe, don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of attire options featured here for you, too.

Unfortunately, while fall can adopt summer colors, it cannot guarantee beautiful summer weather. This means that there’s a high chance you’ll need to shop for outerwear for the wedding, too.

Now while this may cause some of you to hang your head in despair, we say bring it on! Outerwear does not need to hide or take away from an outfit.

Rather, our outerwear should be an extension of our clothes, and this list will show you the pieces you need to ensure that’s the case for your wedding outfit. 

Wedding Attire Etiquette

There are no set rules when it comes to wedding etiquette practice. Good wedding etiquette is circumstantial - it’s entirely case by case.

The couple-to-be will have listed some rules when it comes to wedding attire, and if you’re unsure about anything in this regard, it is better to ask them. 

Alternatively, you can ask anyone involved in the wedding, like the bridesmaids or maid of honor. Wedding etiquette can also depend on the country or culture of the wedding.

Make sure your wedding attire follows these rules - as you do not want to upset anyone involved in the ceremony - particularly the happy couple. 

Now, we all know the #no1 rule at weddings: Do not upstage the bride.

However, this does not mean you can’t show up looking like you just walked off the runway. It is fine to turn up to the wedding looking the best you can. 

However, it is helpful to follow this one key rule, unless specified otherwise by the bride, or the couple-to-be. 

DO NOT wear white to the wedding. It is traditional for the bride to be the only person that wears white to the wedding. So, if you know the bride is going to be wearing white at the wedding you’re attending, then steer clear of wearing it. And don’t say we didn’t warn you! Consequently, no white outfits will be recommended on this list.

So, now that that’s out of the way, here is our list for the top fall wedding outfits that’ll ensure you’re the best-dressed guest!

Low Budget, High Fashion Wedding-Guest Dresses

Stylish wedding attire + affordable prices = two of our favorite things. Here are some of our Autumn favorites, that’ll have you looking like a million dollars but don’t cost nearly as much.


Lavish Alice Sweetheart Midi Dress

Kicking off our list is the Lavish Alice Sweetheart midi dress!

This is a beautiful, baby pink, satin dress that carries summer gracefully into fall. 

It has a sweetheart neckline and wonderfully puffy long-sleeves that make it perfect for an outdoor wedding in the colder months. The epitome of chic!

This dress ranges from a US size 2-14.


REVOLVE Alaia Dress

The long, satin Alaia dress is a wonderful blue-pistachio summer color. Its asymmetrical hemline drapes beautifully over the body, and along with the halterneck, makes this dress ideal for summer or fall.

This dress comes in four sizes, ranging from XS to L. 


ASOS Sequin Mini Dress

Be the life of the party with this glittering, mirrorball of a dress! It is the perfect combination of party and cozy, thanks to the shining sparkles and soft feathers.

Choose this dress if you want to make a statement! Because this is a mini dress, you’ll need some extra layers if you want to wear it to a fall wedding, but more on that further down the article.

You can purchase this dress in a size 0-14 (US). 


REVOLVE Michael Costello Midi Dress

One of the most popular dresses on the list, and it’s hard not to see why!

The Michael Costello strapless dress, complete with a fully lined, boned bodice and a dainty, periwinkle color, is the perfect combination of sexy and elegant. Get yours before they sell out!

This dress size ranges from XXS-XL, but please note that not all sizes may be available.

The good news though, is that REVOLVE has a ‘notify me’ button for when items are back in stock, meaning you may not have to wait long to get your hands on this beautiful dress!

We recommend buying one dress size bigger than your size. For example, if you typically wear size S, please buy size M. 


Malia Midi Dress

If we had to pick three words to describe this dress, they would have to be:

Understated. Elegant. Show-stopping.

This mauve, minimalist gown will have you turning heads left, right, and center thanks to its shining, satin finish. Best of all, it comes complete with adjustable straps, so you can size them up or down to fit you best.

The sizing ranges from XXS-XL.


Pleated Off-Shoulder Trapeze Dress

If you want a wedding-guest dress that’s simply one-of-a-kind then look no further than this pleated, off-shoulder trapeze dress. This dress is one of the most versatile on the list.

It can easily be dressed up or down, making it ideal for other occasions, too! It has a belt around the waist giving it a soft, feminine touch.

This dress is a brilliant shade of red, making it the first on our list (but certainly not the last!) to have a traditional autumnal color. 


REVOLVE Azita Wrap Dress

Continuing our wedding-guest dress options in traditional fall colors is the Azita wrap dress in a beautiful, chic brown.

This fashionable color is a truly timeless stamp on fall that would be wrong to exclude it from this list. 

This jersey-knit dress has a subtle, glittering shimmer throughout, making it perfect for the wedding party! It is fall and winter-friendly with its long sleeves but has a side hem slit for a little sprinkle of flirtation and glamor.

This dress is available in sizes XXS-XL.


Aidan Mattox One-Shoulder Crepe Gown

This one-shoulder crepe gown wows crowds with its beautiful orange hue and asymmetrical style. The side cut-out is also totally on-trend for 2021 fall.

This dress currently comes in a variety of sizes. 


REVOLVE Halterneck Gown

Bring some Hollywood glamor into your life with this black, halterneck gown. Its ankle-length hem and open back add a touch of sophistication.

Plus, the unlined nature of the gown means it falls to your natural shape, creating a wonderfully effortless look that ensures you’re showered with compliments all night long.

This dress is available in sizes XS-XL. 


REVOLVE Orchid Dress

A summer twist on a fall shade, this midi knee-length dress comes in a beautiful, bright shade of green.

Everything from this dress’s color, to its wrap tie accent, to its flattering shape means it’s sure to make you feel beautiful.

This dress comes in sizes XXS-XL.


Katie May The Come on Home Dress

This list would not be complete without at least one floral dress pattern.

Luckily, this Katy May: The Come On Home Dress, provides you with not only a gorgeous floral style but a wonderful fall color that’ll make you reach for this dress again and again. 

You can dress this outfit up or down, making it perfect for both formal and informal weddings.

This dress comes in sizes XS-XL.


Wrap Front Maxi Dress by Express

Be loud and bold with this stunning hot pink maxi dress! This dress is made with a sleek, satin material that will shine brightly, no matter the weather!

It is a perfect way to finish off our top low-budget, high-style dress list!

This dress is available in sizes XS-XL but please note some sizes may not currently be available. 

Designer Wedding-Guest Dresses

Sometimes, all you want is that little extra glam, a little extra style. That’s why we’ve included some designer dresses on this list, too.


Bronx and Banco Mademoiselle Indigo Sequin Midi Dress

First on our list, we have a glamorous sequin dress from Bronx and Banco.

Sequins are one of the hottest trends this fall, and we’re almost certain you’ll be the best-dressed guest if you turn up in this shining blue glitterball.


Needle & Thread Caroline Maxi Dress

Sometimes, the perfect wedding dress for guests depends on the location of the wedding.

For example, if the wedding you’re attending is in a castle, or anywhere with extensive grounds and gardens, then this tulle Needle & Thread Caroline dress is perfect. 

The delicate, full-length ruffles look like something straight out of a British period drama, and the bandeau neckline creates a nice, modern touch to give this dress the perfect balance between both past and present. 

Not to mention, this is the color of fall 2021!


Zimmermann - Silk Wrap Minidress

For those of you still in love with neutrals (aren’t we all) this Zimmerman silk wrap dress is the ideal wedding dress option for guests.

Its long sleeves are great for giving that little extra warmth during fall, not that you’ll notice the temperature when you’re dancing the night away with your nearest and dearest!

This dress has a wrap front which is flattering for all kinds of body shapes, and is made from 100% silk! 


Cult Gaia Ansel Dress

Don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers...be daring and wear this mini dress to your next wedding party! Its deep blue tones and plunging neckline ensures you’ll feel beautiful all night!


Halston Ginger Halter Gown

Let the world know that despite the trending summer colors, traditional, autumnal red is here to stay with this Halston Ginger halter gown.

This is a gorgeous evening gown. Floor-length, low neckline, effortless beauty, what more could you ask for! If you don’t get it, we will!


Sienna Satin Dress

If you liked the simplicity of the last dress, then you’re going to love this one. This bright green crepe dress is a beautiful halter neck style, with a knot-tie detailing at the back.

It sits beautifully at the ankles and can be worn with a variety of shoes without much fuss. 

So, if you love something low maintenance that still maintains simple beauty and elegance, then we cannot recommend this dress enough.


ZIMMERMANN Cassia Mini Dress

If you prefer dresses with pretty patterns, then look no further than this Zimmermann Cassia mini dress.

This dress is made from lightweight linen, meaning it can be worn during the day for a casual look, and during the night for an evening of wining and dining. 

This makes it perfect for formal and informal weddings.


Givenchy Knitted Sleeveless Dress

No matter the occasion, you can always trust Givenchy to deliver the most up-to-date styles. Take this knitted sleeveless dress as an example.

The cut-out detail at the back of the dress is totally on-trend this fall, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. 

This dress has a big personality - from the bright pop of red to the chunky zip at the back, so if you have a lot of daring, and a lot of edge, this is the perfect dress for you.


Elie Saab - Taffeta Long Dress

Bring Hollywood glamor to life in this Ellie Saab Taffetta dress. This halterneck dress has the perfect mix of subtle sophistication and fun personality.

Complete with a backless body and an extravagant bow and sash, this dress is the ideal middle ground if you cannot decide on one particular style.


Giuseppe Di Morabito - Jacquard Ruffled Long Dress - Lilac

Did someone say mermaid chic? The beautiful ruffles of this Guiseppe Di Morabito dress will make sure you’re in the spotlight!

Whether the wedding takes place in a church, town hall, or under the sea, the high side slit and dainty lilac color will make sure you’re the most talked-about wedding guest for years to come.


HARMUR - Senorita Backless Silk-Satin Dress

Stand out from the crowd in this Harmur silk-satin dress.

You’ll be smiling just as brightly as its sunshine yellow color once you see how gorgeous you’ll look in it, thanks to its open back and elegant long-puff sleeves.


Zhivago Speak Now Dress in Blush REVOLVE

Last but not least is the Zhivago Speak Now dress. Once again, we see the fashionable fall cut-outs on the waist, which compliments the surplice hem slit on the right leg.

This asymmetrical party dress comes complete with shoulder pads, to give it a professional edge.

Zhivago is a trending designer this fall, so if you want to put their stunning blush pink dress in your basket, we couldn’t blame you one bit.

Wedding-Guest Outerwear

Now that you have your dress sorted, it’s time to discuss outerwear. Given the colder temperatures of fall, it’s wise to invest in a winter coat, or a blazer, so you’re not standing around regretting your outfit choices on the big day.

Layering is all about balance. Different dresses require different styles of outerwear.

For example, a long dress would look best with a cropped blazer, because the silhouette is balanced out. However, the outerwear you choose to invest in is totally up to you!

Here are some outerwear pieces we have been loving recently. You can buy these directly, or use them as inspiration for the type of style you want to buy.

Wedding-Guest Shoes

Much like your dress, the shoes you wear to a fall wedding should be the height of style. Luckily, many shoes are versatile and will work for a variety of dresses.

Here are some of the shoes we think would heighten your wedding-guest outfit!

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