The New Designs And Trends Of Different Nail Shapes

Getting your nails done is one of the most popular final stages in some girl’s image. For many a regular trip to the salon to get their nails done is part of their monthly routine. Yet throughout the year we are seeing new nail designs and trends of different nail shapes.

The New Designs And Trends Of Different Nail Shapes

More girl’s and women are filing or getting their nails done into different shapes. Recently there has been an increase in new nail shapes that have been growing in popularity.

Below, we will be going through the newest nail designs and trends. One of these might give you inspiration to change your own nail shape next time you go to the salon.

Trends Are Constantly Changing

Like fashion and beauty, trends change. Hence it’s worth noting that what is popular right now might not be popular in a few months.

Sometimes the time of year or the purpose of the nails can alter what nail shape you have. At the moment, a lot of women have been preferring to use their own nails and grow their own nails out, instead of false nails.

Considering a few years ago, false nails were seen as more popular than real. Thus, trends change, but it all depends on what you like.

The New And Trendy Nail Shapes

Choosing the right nail shape is important and you might be surprised at how many options there are out there at the moment. At the moment there are 12 different nail shapes you can choose from.

Below we will go through all twelve of these nail shapes. Some are the classics that are now becoming popular once more and some others are new nail shapes that have been growing in popularity recently.

Almond Nails

The Almond shaped nails were once a really popular nail choice. They then went under the radar for a while but now are coming back with vengeance.

The nails are filled along the sides and the tip of the nail is rounded into a peak. They look very similar to the shape of an actual almond.

Natural nails can’t always support this type of shape on its own, so this shape is normally reinforced with acrylic or gel. If you have thick and strong nails then you can have this shape with just your natural nail, but sometimes it needs some help so it will last.

Almond nails are great for a more classy and simpler look. Almond nail shapes are said to give you a more feminanie look and can make your fingers look longer. This style is about simplicity and gives you an elegant look.

Oval Nails

Oval shaped nails are very close to the natural nail shape. Also as the natural nail has become more popular, this nail shape has also increased in popularity.

If you have acrylic nails, then the oval shape helps you keep that natural looking shape. The oval shape looks great on everyone and is more of a universal shape.

It does look better on short to medium length nails, but it is a really popular shape for young girls. This shape is great for simple designs and gives you a chic and really feminine look.

Rounded Nails

Rounded nails are a very versatile nail shape. They are ideal for people who don’t want their nails getting in the way of their everyday life, work or even washing up.

They are also the perfect nail shape for anyone with short fingers, as this nail shape will lengthen your fingers, so they will end up looking longer.

This is much more of a classic nail shape. It is more suited for shorter nails. They are similar to square nails, as they start off with straight sides and then they curve at the edges.

This curvature follows the natural shape of your fingertips. This nail shape suits more simple looks as it is a very simplistic yet classy looking nail shape.

Square Nails

The square nails trend feels like years ago and it may be an old trend but it is still in high demand today. In particular, short length square nails are seen as more attractive than longer squared nails.

However, a note of caution, you need to be aware that this nail shape makes thick fingers look thicker and thin fingers look thinner. If you have long thin fingers, this might be something you are looking to achieve, but just be cautious if you have thicker fingers.

The square nail shape is flat on top with straight, sharp corners. However the corners can sometimes be slightly oval or softer. This type of nail shape is easy to achieve.

Also the shape is very simple so the design you put on your nails can be really creative with lots of colors and patterns.

Squoval Nails

The squoval shaped nail is the square shaped nail but with smooth rounded edges.

These are a better shape if you like the flat tip edge of square nails, but don’t like the sharp corners. The squoval shape gives you the best of both worlds, a flat edge and smooth corners.

This nail shape suits everyone and is seen as a very universal nail shape for all girls. This nail shape is seen as a symbol. It says you can be feminine, determined and yet you can protect yourself.

Some believe that this nail shape shows that you are a strong woman who can handle herself, but you still want your hands and nails to look attractive.

Short squoval nails are great for someone who works with their hands a lot, as the nails won’t get in the way of you working but still look great.

The squoval design looks great with a simple nail look, but patterns and textures work really well with this nail shape. This nail shape is perfect for the classic french manicure.

More natural colors will make your nails look more feminine and delicate, while bold colors and designs show off your personality.

Stiletto Nail

The stiletto shaped nails are a really popular nail shape. This looks like an extremely pointy almond shaped nail, however it has a wide base. In essence it looks like a wide rounded base triangle. The point is very sharp. This nail shape makes your fingers look longer and more narrow.

This nail shape gives you a lot of nail surface to work with. Thus it’s a great nail shape to create some beautiful and stunning designs and nail art. Like other nail shapes, you can go simple or you can go full out and experiment with different designs and textures.

Stiletto nails always look impressive and visually stunning. They are a statement nail shape that are really popular to have.

Ballerina/Coffin Nails

The Ballerina shaped nail is also referred to as the Coffin shaped nails. These are very similar to stiletto shaped nails, but instead the tip is square instead of point.

They are referred to as the ballerina or coffin shaped nails because the shape of the nail looks like both a ballerina’s slipper and a coffin.

This shape has been increasing in popularity, due to celebrities constantly supporting this style. In particular, the ballerina/coffin shaped nail is Kylie Jenner’s signature nail shape that she wears all the time.

Thus if you want to have nails like some of your favorite celebrities, this is the shape that they wear.

The ballerina/coffin shape is more suited for medium length nails, however the design options for this type of nail shape is endless. You can go for simplicity or you can go full out on a beautiful design or pattern.

Mountain Peak Nails

Mountain Peak shaped nails look like a sharper and more pointy almond shape. This is Lady Gaga’s favorite nail shape. Natural nails aren’t really strong enough to support this style, so this nail shape is normally seen on artificial nails.

Yet this nail shape is a bold choice. As a result, the nail design choice will be bold too.

You can still have a simple look, but this nail shape is all about bold choices and bold nail designs. They are really attractive and look great on medium to long nails.

Flare Nails

The Flared nail shape is a difficult nail shape. They are also known as the duck bill shape, because the flared shape looks like a duck’s bill.

The nail is quite narrow at the base and widely fans out as you go towards the tip of the nail. The edge of the nail is wider than the base of the nail and flat. It is a strange combination of an oval and square shape.

Some people believe that this nail shape means you are ambitious and assertive. It is a very striking nail choice. Hence the design of these nails are normally kept quite simple, like a french manicure.

However, you can have designs on these nail shapes, you just don’t want to overload them.

This nail shape is more suited for short to medium length nails. Otherwise if your nails are too long it doesn’t look right and there is more chance of breakage.

Edge Nails

Edge nails are still seen as quite a new nail shape and have been gradually growing in popularity. The nail is filed straight, before the top edges are then filed to form a ‘V’.

When this shape is being created with acrylic nails, the nail edge also causes a ridge to run through the center of the nail, which mimics an edge, like you would see on a sword.

Edge nails look great on all nail lengths, from long to short. This is seen as a unique nail shape, and can create some beautiful looking nail art.

You can get really creative with this nail shape and yet they still work with simple designs. However, nail art looks even more special on this nail shape.

Lipstick Nails

It might sound usual, but lipstick shaped nails have been growing in popularity. This is a very unique shape, as it looks like real lipstick. The nail is filed straight and the edge has been filed down diagonally.

This shape looks great on long and short nails. The shape emphasises long fingers and lengthens shorter fingers.

A simple design looks better on this nail shape. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use bold colors.

Bold colors work well with these nails shapes, as it is a bold nail shape to choose upon. Simple designs or nail art can make a big impact. This nail shape is stylish and can have an impact.

Rectangle Nails

Acrylic nails and gel nails are still two of the most popular extension/false nails. The extended nails can look like natural nails but also can give your real nails more support if they are weak.

A lot of models use acrylic nails for modelling. When it comes to fake nails and modelling, the rectangular shape nail is becoming extremely popular. This shape is for medium length nails, and gives a polished look.

Simple designs work really on this type of nail shape, but if you are feeling more adventurous then nail art of a quirky design looks just as good.

Long Vs Short Nails

Recently shorter nails have become a lot more popular and easier to manage. It all comes down to personal preference and what kind of design you want on your nails.

Some nail shapes are more suited for shorter or longer nails, so you need to check when you are choosing your nail shape and design.

Shorter nails are a lot easier to manage and deal with. While a lot of women have found that having shorter nails are easier to do tasks such as using your phone or typing on a keyboard with. Sometimes shorter nails can make your fingers look longer.

Longer nails can sometimes require more work and the shape you choose can affect the durability of your nails. Longer nails do mean that you have more area for impressive nail art and intricate patterns or designs.

Whether you have long nails or short nails, the shape that you choose can determine how easily your nails will break. Especially if you are using your own natural nails, the longer the natural nail the more likely they can break or chip as they get weaker the longer they get.

This is why some longer nail shapes are better suited for false nails as they have the extra support that your natural nails need.

What About Your Toes?

Nail shapes don’t only apply to your fingers. A lot of women like to have their toenails painted too. Some women and girls like their fingernails and toenail to match.

However, you are a bit more limited when it comes to choosing the right nail shape. These aren’t normally seen a lot so really you are choosing the right shape that you like but also won’t affect your shoes and how you walk.

All your toenails should be the same length. Round, oval and even square shaped nails work well on toenails.

They all make your feet look attractive and you don’t have to worry about any of your toe nails breaking while you are walking around. You should try to avoid too pointy toenail shapes because these are more likely to break while you have shoes on.

Final Thoughts

It is always a battle between long and short nails, with all the new nail shapes and trends.

In our list, we have given you twelve nail shapes that you can now choose from. All of these shapes are popular right now. Some nail shapes were once popular and are now making a comeback.

While some nail shapes are brand new like the lipstick shape. New nail shapes are constantly emerging and if a celebrity supports a new nail shape or any nail shape, then the shape will immediately gain popularity from their fan base.

It does come down to personal preference and what you like the look of, but sometimes the design you have in mind can also affect your nail shape.

Most of these nail shapes are perfect for everyone, with some nail shapes making your hands and fingers look more attractive. As a result, from this list, hopefully you have found some inspiration for your next nail shape.

Or you are excited to try one of the most trendiest nail shapes out there right now.

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