Hermes Birkin Prices In Europe Vs The US

We all love a good staple handbag. Once you find that perfect accessory for your outfit, you’ll never let it go. One of the world’s favorite handbags is the Hermes Birkin bag. This bag has become an icon of fashion culture, and is one of the most elusive bags to purchase.

Hermes Birkin bags are some of the most expensive handbags in the world, with the lower end of the scale starting at around $10,000 to $40,000 and even up to $500,000.

The exclusivity that comes with owning a Birkin bag is what drives the price of these handbags up every year, and creates a lucrative second hand market for these accessories.

To find a Birkin, you’ll likely have to be placed on a waiting list, and have to spend a lot of money, as Hermes ups their prices every year. So, let’s take a look at what the Birkin bag is, and how much they cost roughly in the US and in Europe.

What Is A Hermes Birkin?

The Hermes Birkin is almost an icon in itself. This bag is beloved by celebrities, influencers and everyday fashionistas alike that it has become famous and synonymous with high couture fashion.

The Birkin bag, or the Birkin is a line of tote bags first created in 1984 by the French luxury, designer goods manufacturer Hermes. The bag itself is handmade from leather and is named after the English actress and singer Jane Birkin.

Hermes Birkin bags are numbered in sizes which correlate to the centimeters, so Birkin 25 means it’s 25 cm, and the Birkin 30 is 30 cm, and so on.

The Birkin bag is well known not only for its chic and iconic design, but also for its high price too. This is largely due to its limited availability, as the total number of Birkin bags produced each year by Hermes is often kept a secret, making these handbags a hot commodity.

For many people, finding and buying a Birkin bag is a difficult task, as you cannot just go into a store and purchase one. You’ll have to order one from the store, and there will most likely be a long waiting list for a beautiful Birkin.

Due to their exclusivity, Birkin bags have always been at the higher end of the price scale, but in recent years Hermes has raised the prices of the Birkin. So, let’s take a look at the prices, and compare them in Europe and in the US.

Hermes Birkin Prices In Europe

Many luxury fashion brands raise their prices every year, and Hermes is no different. For instance in 2019, Hermes raised the prices of Birkin bags by 3-5 percent, and the price raised again in 2020 by 3 percent.

If trends are anything to go by, then the newer 2021 Birkin bags are set to raise in price by about $100 or more depending on the style chosen. So, let’s see what these bags have cost in the last few years in Europe.

Birkin Style European Prices
Togo Birkin 25 €6,800
Togo Birkin 30 €7,750
Togo Birkin 35 €8,600

When we compare these prices to the Birkin in 2019, we can see a slight increase in price, as the Togo Birkin 25 was around €6,600, whilst the Togo Birkin 30 was about €7,550 and the Togo Birkin 35 was €8,600.

Hermes Birkin Prices In US

The Hermes Birkin bag prices have steadily increased over the last few years in the US too. However, they do seem to be a little pricier, as you also have to pay sales tax in the United States.

This can quickly add up on a handbag that costs thousands of dollars, so buying a Birkin in the US is slightly more expensive than purchasing in Europe or in the fashion capital of the world, Paris. But, let’s take a look at the average cost of a Birkin in the US.

Birkin Style US Prices
Togo Birkin 25 $9,850
Togo Birkin 30 $10,900
Togo Birkin 35 $12,100

Where Should You Buy A Hermes Birkin?

The stark difference in prices begs the question; where should you buy a Birkin? Hermes Birkin bags are so hard to come by, and you could be waiting up to six years on a list for one.

So, for many people, purchasing a Birkin bag from the second hand market is a better idea as the costs can sometimes be slightly lower if a seller needs a quick sale, but don’t be fooled, some Birkins are very exclusive and the costs are only getting driven higher and high as they are seen as elite bags.

Whilst Hermes Birkins seem slightly cheaper to purchase in Europe and Paris, trying to find a Birkin in Paris is rather difficult, as you are limited to only one or two per year and the waiting lists are astronomical.

That being said, purchasing a Birkin 30 in Paris could cost around €8000, which converts to about $9,300 US dollars. If you tried to buy a Togo Birkin 30 in the US, then you’re looking at paying around $11,000 with sales tax too, so purchasing in Europe may be a better option.


To summarize, buying a Birkin bag is one of those things that luxury fashion buyers die for.

The current prices for Birkin bags in Europe actually convert to much cheaper prices in the US compared to the cost it is to buy one from the states, which makes it far more attractive for fashionistas to fly to Europe to buy their Birkin.

When you convert the euro to the US dollar, it’s far more cost effective to purchase a Birkin from Paris, or other Hermes stores in Europe rather than in the US. That being said, seeing as the Birkin bag is the most coveted handbag in the fashion industry, if you can get your hands on one, then just buy it!

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