Matching Shoes To Your Dress – What To Do, And What To Not Do

One important rule of fashion is that your shoes should match your dress.

I’ve found that a lot of people do not know the rules when it comes to matching their shoes to their dress, which is why I’m writing this article. There’s nothing more heartbreaking when you’ve created the perfect outfit, but none of your shoes go with it.

Your shoes really can make or break an outfit, so it’s time that we all learn the sneaky tips and tricks that keep our fashion faves looking so chic.

Matching Shoes To Your Dress – What To Do, And What To Not Do

So, it’s crucial to know that it’s not only the color of the shoe, but it is also the type of shoe that can have a big impact on our outfit. I’m going to outline what shoes should be worn which what outfit, and then also give you a crucial list of Do and Don’t’s.

Shoe Colors

First, let’s look at the do’s and don’t’s of shoe colors.


As you can probably guess, black goes with everything. They’re an iconic staple for a reason, because not only are they sleek and sexy, they’re versatile. Whether you’re wearing a red dress, blue pants, or a green skirt – the right black shoe is a shoe fit.

Contrasting Colors

You’ve probably seen amazing outfits that have completely different colors going on. You might have tried this yourself, and ended up with a complete color clash. So, when you’re matching your shoes, you’ll want to consult a color chart.

This shows you complimenting colors. If you’re not familiar with a color chart, don’t just pair any random color shoe with your dress, because unless it’s black, it could be a massive fail.

Check The Color Chart Below:

As you can see, some examples of complimenting colors are the following:

  • Green shoes are paired great with brown, black, blue, yellow, and neutral colors.
  • Blue shoes are paired great with neutrals, yellow, brown, white, and green colors.
  • Red shoes are paired great with pink, orange, neutrals, navy, black, and white.

So, you can mix colors and create a fantastic look, but you should avoid choosing colors that clash, otherwise you’re looking at an outfit fail.

Patterns And Prints

Now, when it comes to patterns and prints, there are some strict rules — but remember, sometimes, rules are made to be broken.

Generally speaking, it’s said that if you’re wearing a dress with a wild pattern, you should go with simple shoes. So, if you’re wearing a leopard print dress, you should pair it with a neutral shoe. This works if you’d prefer a more classy, refined outfit.

Matching Shoes To Your Dress – The Do’S And Don’Ts

However, a popular fashion trend is the modern cowgirl. In some cases, you’ll see bold cow prints, paired with a shoe that has a different, but similar cow print. This is a great look if you’re going for bold and retro.

You should be warned, however, this style isn’t for everyone. Some people still affirm that double patterns are a no-go, but hey. They said the same about double denim, and that’s a conflicting topic.

Types Of Shoes

Now, let’s look at some different types of shoes, and see what our do’s, and don’t’s are for them.


These iconic shoes go with most outfits. They’re both chic and urban, meaning that you can wear them up, or wear them more casually. You should avoid wearing pumps with shorts unless your outfit contains a long jacket and a statement top. Otherwise, you’re looking at a tacky outfit.


  • Do pair pumps with cigarette pants, jeans, and long dresses.
  • Do pair pumps with long dresses and short dresses.
  • Do pair pumps with a formal, and informal outfit.


Peep Toes

Peep toes are the type of shoe that reveals a little of your toes at the front. Peep toes are designed to go with bare legs, so they’re great for skirts and dresses.

Avoid wearing any type of sock with this shoe, as it will not look classy. Try to avoid any colored pantyhose, too. If you want to wear pantyhose, e.g. maybe it’s cold, then wear skin-colored pantyhose. That way, it’ll be less noticeable.


  • Do wear peep toes with dresses and skirts.
  • Do wear peep toes with an outfit that shoes your bare leg.
  • Do wear peep toes with skin-colored pantyhose, if necessary.


  • Don’t wear peep toes with colored pantyhose, as it will look tacky.


Next up is the infamous stiletto heel. These are ultra-feminine shoes, that take a bit of practice to walk in. So, if you’re wondering about the difference between pumps and stilettos, it’s quite a small, but noticeable difference.

Stilettos are usually a much higher heel, and often a thinner heel too.

Usually, people wear stilettos if they’re going on a night out, or to an event. They’re not for casual wear, as they’re usually an extreme heel, so if you’d rather an everyday heeled shoe, go with a pump.


  • Do wear stilettos for an ultra-feminine look.
  • Do wear stilettos to events and nights out.


  • Don’t wear stilettos if you’re not confident in high heels, practice wearing them around your house first.
  • Don’t wear stilettos casually if you’re going for a classy look.

Slip Ons

Slip-ons are the classic mom shoe, but they’re getting more popular and fashionable. At one time, they were considered pretty boring and basic. Now, slip-ons can be urban and stylish.

They’re loads of different colors and styles you can choose from. Slip-ons do not have to be super girly either, classic shoes such as vans are classic slip on. Slip-ons are great with summer dresses, and pants.

You should avoid wearing them with any type of formal wear, though.


  • Do wear them to create an urban look.
  • Do wear colors and styles that make you feel good.
  • Do wear them with summer dresses and pants.


  • Don’t wear slip-ons with any type of formal wear.


To summarize, these are the do’s and don’t’s of matching your shoes with your dress. While there are some pretty strict rules, there’s also loads of room to be playful with your colors.

You should also remember that if it makes you happy, and you love your outfit, go with it! These are just some rules of fashion, but if you don’t want to follow the rules, I’m not going to say anything, sis.

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